That Was Natalie Gauvreau Behind The Dallas Stars Bench

Who was that woman sitting behind the Dallas Stars bench during Sunday’s game against the Blues? That was none other than Natalie Gauvreau, an actress who has had parts in 10 IMDb credited productions including a spot on Nikita, Breakout Kings, The L.A. Complex, Against the Wall and a few others.

Natalie made her BC debut way back in 2016 as a Toronto Blue Jays fan and became a NHL breakout star during Sunday’s game, which turned out to be a 4-1 blowout loss for the Stars. Natalie could’ve been a distraction for The Boys, which is why I recommend the ladies sit behind the visiting team’s bench. I’ve posted about these scenarios during the NHL playoffs for what feels like at least 10-11 years on here. I know, it’s becoming quite a run with the same posts year after year. I’ve begged teams to rig the seating behind the opposing teams so you line up at least 2-3 ‘distractions’ and see what happens.

Someone in Dallas didn’t get the memo. You send an usher down to the glass and ask Natalie if she’d be up for moving to the opposing team’s bench so she can become an asset, not a distraction.

BTW, Mike Napoli is a Natalie fan. That should tell you everything you need to know here. Natalie is one of the best.

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