Tim Legler Has Phone Issues, F-Bombs For His Wife & It’s All Live On Screamin’ A Show

via Twitter

On the day when it was announced that Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer is coming out with a Marriage Rescue show — that’s right, Jon’s a f’ing genius who knows how to make TV — Tim Legler jumped on with Stephen A. to talk NBA and there were some phone issues. The sound was fine on the viewer’s side of things, but Tim & Screamin’ couldn’t hear each other.

That’s when the fun got started with Tim dropping what sounds like a couple of bombs with his wife in the room over the phone headset. You guys have all been there — you’re supposed to be on a work call, but you’re supposed to use a landline so it’s a HD signal. No wireless calls — they drop and the last thing you want during an important call (on live TV) is for a call to drop.

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