Dan Patrick Talks About Battling Health Issues

via DP Show

In one of the more sobering moments you’ll see or hear from one of the good guys in the business, Dan Patrick opened up on today’s show about health issues, specifically joint pain, that he’s been battling and the treatments he’s been going through that have caused memory loss, headaches, suicidal thoughts and depression.

Go ahead and listen to Dan, 62, talk about this seven years of treatment that he’s gone through and the light chemo (as he calls it) treatments he’s been going through that will hopefully once and for all take care of his pain. He’d gone seven years and had never said anything about this on his show.

Not going to lie, Dan had me choked up a couple of times during this one. “It’s like when someone says, ‘You’re cancer free,’ they hate saying they’re cancer-free because there’s always that risk of it coming back,” Dan said about feeling progress after his fourth chemo treatment. But with the progress comes the headaches and the memory loss.

I hate to piggyback off Dan opening up, but the timing of him making this revelation is sobering and encouraging. I went to the University of Michigan last week for my cancer checkup where I was told that blood work was clean and that I had officially cleared the five year clean hurdle. It’s something I hate talking about because I know specific readers of the site who are going through very serious cancer battles right now and the last thing I want to do is ‘Look at me, I’m fine,’ the Internet.

That said, it’s pretty powerful when someone like Dan opens up and says he’s been battling his ass off for seven years, struggling with severe pain. I know it’s cliche, but it gives others a feeling that they’re not alone, especially during these times where social media makes it seem like everyone is living this joyous life.

My battles have been of the mental variety. I remember vividly in 2014 the doctor coming in and telling me that there were indications that cancer had spread from the original tumor spot to the lymph nodes that my stomach dropped. The next thing the lady said was, “Get your team in order,” like it was some sort of bullshit Susan G. Komen race I was about to go on. My mind went to very bad spots and I mean real fast. Times are way better now, but 2014 was about as dark as it gets in life.

Last week I went into what I believe was that very same room where the lady said that to me. Luckily this time I was told I’d graduated to making one trip a year to get checked out. It’s a complete mental mindfuck.

So we all move on to the next day. Dan will get more treatment and figure out a way to get out of bed. There’s one of you reading who’s going to get a treatment or see a doctor and keep moving on. But for one day on this bullshit Internet ride we’re reminded that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows out there.


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