Jeopardy James Wins For 20th Time

It was another blowout win for Jeopardy James for his 20th in a row and he now has the second-longest win streak in show history and shows no sign of getting beat at this point. It was a basic $101,682 night for the cyborg who just keeps tossing aside opponents two at a time over the top rope. The method continues to crush their souls, make them struggle with greatness and then make serious bank in Final Jeopardy.

From CNN:

The 34-year-old from Las Vegas now shares the second-longest winning streak title with Julia Collins, who one 20 games in 2014.

Ken Jennings holds the record of the longest streak, which lasted 74 games in 2004, according to the show’s Hall of Fame.

The episode’s final clue came from the King James Bible.

“Of the four riders mentioned in Revelation 6, only this one is explicitly named,” the clue read.

The correct answer: “Who is Death?”

Good luck finding a Final Jeopardy clue that stumps this guy.

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