Meet Sora Giraldo – Colombian Cyclist

A couple weeks ago I blogged about Tatiana Girardi, a Colombian cyclist, and it turned into a lesson from the readers on how big cycling is down in the South American country that was always best known for cocaine and Pablo Escobar. Well color me shocked when guys started coming out of the woodwork to tell me all about how cycling is one of the most dominant sports in the country.

Had no idea, but I’m glad the readers were paying attention because now I know they’re into the Colombian cycling scene and I can keep pumping out cycling content. That leads us to Sora Giraldo, another Colombian cyclist trying to make a go of it on Instagram. Sora has 502 IG post and it appears 485 of those are her on a bike. OBSESSED. And then I noticed in pics not featuring Sora on a bike she’s in France for the tour.

She’s so big in Medellin that she’s in the top 10 for most followed cyclists in the city. Why is the country so obsessed with cycling? The Culture Trip says it has to do with the country’s landscape.

If the cycling gods could have designed their own country, it would likely look something like Colombia, a country where the Andes mountains split into three huge ranges, making for a nation of epic uphills and dramatic downhills. Throw in high-altitudes and long-distances, and you have a recipe for some truly amazing – and challenging – cycling. This perfect mixture means that Colombia has produced more than its fair share of world-class cyclists over the years.

Add in Instagram, a worldwide audience and Colombia is HOT AF for cycling. Sora’s just doing her thing and people appreciate it, just hammering the shitt out of the heart button.

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