Zac Taylor Gets Roasted For Draft Day Shirt…Now I Want That Button Down

Welcome to the NFL, Zac Taylor. You’ve officially infuriated a Cincinnati woman named Sheila who was so outraged over your Jonah Williams introductory press conference attire that she wrote an editorial to the Cincinnati Enquirer to voice her displeasure. Now you should know that Sheila has written a couple of editorials in her day. A Google search shows that she’s had some work in the communications field.

Anyway, Sheila thinks you looked like a slob and that you’re clearly not ready for the big stage. She doesn’t want to hear that it was Casual Friday and you’d been up all night working on draft boards and stuff like that. She doesn’t want to hear that Hoodie wears button downs and DGAF. Sheila clearly yearns for the days when Marvin Lewis would wear a jacket and a fake smile knowing he was about to steal another year of paychecks.

From the Enquirer editorial page:

Williams looked every bit the coach and Taylor looked like a not-very-promising rookie.

The NFL Draft is a big deal, the players come with their entire families, dressed in their very best. What was Taylor thinking when he came out on that national stage? Couldn’t he have grabbed a sports jacket and given a nod to the “I am a professional NFL coach” look?

Sheila doesn’t want to hear that Bruce Arians wore a pullover to a draft pick introduction presser. Look what Andy Reid wore a few years ago.

Zac is 35 and if this is the worst thing that ever happens during his Bengals career, we’ll be in great shape. He likes living the button down lifestyle and reflects the era he comes from. No big deal, Sheila. I’m ready for new blood even if he’s fired by 2021. Just give me something other than Fake Marvin stealing checks.

In fact, I’m going to hunt down that button down and buy it.

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