Polina Glen Gets Us Rolling Today, 2019 MNF TV Crew & Inside Japanese Vibe Bar


Ready for another night of NBA & NHL? Good, because you’re getting Trail Blazers at Nuggets and Islanders at Hurricanes early and then Blues at Stars late. Hope that one doesn’t go into three OTs or your weeks is going to be ruined. At 3 ET you’ll get FC Barcelona vs. Liverpool on TNT. I will be buying flowers. Going to miss that one. Baseball nerds get Astros at Twins on ESPN. Does it feel like the Stros have been on ESPN lately?

Polina Glen, Johnny Depp’s new girlfriend, gets things rolling

Dolphins fan Marco Rubio is excited for Josh Rosen…wait until someone tells him Rosen hates Trump

Say hello to your new MNF TV crew from ESPN

Bolivian goalkeeper hit by firecracker during match

Shaq wants to knock out Chuck’s ass BAD

Go inside a Japanese vibrator bar

Someone stole a plastic cow from a Florida steakhouse

Here’s Danika from Concordia U-Wisconsin

Home Plate Slide of the Week Video of the Day


Tacos of the Day


Kate Beckinsale Trying To Rebound, UFCers Want To Fight Iranian Hulk & SI To Include Burkini Model
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