Kate Beckinsale Trying To Rebound, UFCers Want To Fight Iranian Hulk & SI To Include Burkini Model


It’s time for the night you’ve been waiting for…Celtics at Bucks and Rockets at Warriors on TNT. That’s right, the Bucks better win and then for the whiner series where you just have a feeling it’ll go 7, take 2 1/2 weeks and the whining will be insufferable for that entire period. You’ll also get Bruins at Blue Jackets and Sharks at Avalanche. Buckle up.

Kate Beckinsale gets her ass back in shape after telling Pete Davidson to take a hike

SI will have woman wearing burkini in the swimsuit issue…trying to trigger you, don’t fall for it

UFC guys lining up to kick Iranian Hulk’s ass

Huston Street is selling his big ass Austin, Texas mansion

Someone left their stripper pole at Talladega after the race

Phil goes after Bubba via the squat rack

This Florida Man gets in a ‘brewhaha’ & sent to jail

Here’s Taylor Bird…Australian rugby player

Got All Of That One Drive Even If It Didn’t Go Straight Video Of The Week


Tacos of the Day


Paula Manzanal Gets The Week Rolling, Dirk On Retirement Vacation & Ryan Braun Wears Beer
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