Lexi Thompson Driven Off Social Media For Golfing With Donald Trump


Lexi Thompson golfing with Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh is the latest outrage from those who jump from outrage to outrage because they are hellbent on thinking they’re going to change the world one outrage fight at a time and the LPGA player is the flavor of the week. Now Lexi says she’ll take a break from social media after pretty much being classified as a MAGA sympathizer and being drilled by tens of thousands of comments on her latest Instagram offerings.

Lexi wrote on Instagram:

Hey everybody, just want to say I will be taking a break from social media. If I post it will be from my management team for me. I’m too involved with it, and to read some of the hurtful things being said to me lately isn’t fair and I’m not dealing with it. Thank you to my true fans out there I will be back on but I’m going to be focusing on me right now and my life. Thanks for understanding. ❤️

From what I can tell, this goes back to a day of golf back on April 19 or so. The warriors on the left claim that golfing with Trump proves that you’re down with MAGA and you’re a white nationalist. Go through the comments, it’s pretty much the basic blueprint from every Facebook fight on a local TV station page that you’ve ever seen.

Enter the latest target – Lexi. I’m actually shocked so many people knew who she was. That’s actually pretty good for the LPGA which never gets into the headlines since there are next to no American women who can win a tournament.


It’s like living during a period where every single day is a war out there and in this case all Lexi had to do was stop looking at her phone for 3-4 days. Soon enough she would be at a new LPGA event where the local media wouldn’t bother her and the fans would be supportive. There wasn’t even a need to say she’s taking a social media break.

I should go into managing some of these athletes. I get the social news cycle. She made it worse by letting the social warriors know that they had wounded her. Then they came in for the kill with a fresh round of blog headlines. All she had to do was let them move on to some political opponent. Her management team failed her with this one.

Do like Tiger — just act like you don’t hear these people, go out, win a major and everyone will love you again.

Rory golfing with Trump:


Tiger golfing with Trump and Don’s granddaughter:


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