Ohio Man Ruins Woman’s Marathon Win By Running Through Her Finish Line Tape

via Toledo Blade/Twitter

Imagine being marathon runner Amy Manning and you’ve just run 26.2 miles to win the Glass City Marathon in Toledo and some guy runs through the tape that you were supposed to break. Of course you’d call him an “asshole” loud enough for the local media to pick it up and create a fun piece of content in the process.

That’s exactly what happened during Sunday’s race when Ohio Man Christian Floyd, looking like he didn’t know where he was at, hit the tape just in front of Amy. She took exception. So did a race official. And then Amy, reportedly running in her third marathon, stopped to puke before Christian could say sorry.

From the Toledo Blade:

The profusely apologetic tape crasher looking more mortified than the guy in a Wanna-Get-Away commercial. The runners shaking hands. (No hard feelings, Manning assured.) Life moving on.

For good measure, at the urging of race officials, Manning later reenacted her run through the finish line.

“I felt really bad,” said the man, Christian Floyd, a 23-year-old analyst for Cardinal Health in Columbus.

There’s good news out of all this — Amy was able to recreate the ending so Christian’s not in the way ruining her accomplishment. As for Christian, his time was good enough to qualify for the Boston Marathon, so at the end of the day everybody wins and there’s a good chance Amy gets some national media and maybe a spot on Ellen in the future.

Christian Floyd blacking out & running through Amy’s finish line tape:

Here’s Amy Manning recreating her winning finish at the Glass City Marathon so she has a photo for her work desk:

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