Jeopardy James Wins By $18

via Jeopardy

Was it all a plan from genius Jeopardy James? Did he do the math and mean to win his 18th game by $18? Is Jeopardy James thinking that deep? Is his brain so wired differently that it’s impossible to beat this man? Yes, I’m full of questions right now after Jeopardy James ran his total winnings to $1,329,604.

I didn’t even watch tonight’s episode, but just from watching over the last few weeks, everything is planned by this guy. The people he thanks, the crazy eyes, the smile…it’s all demented and proves that he’s a robot who is changing the way the game will forever be played — if they ever let a sports bettor play again.

And there’s even more Jeopardy news this week. You’re no longer allowed to bet $69 on a Daily Double.

The guy is literally causing rules changes as he goes:

This also happened tonight:

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