Ex-Victoria’s Secret Model Erin Heatherton Is Broke…But Not Broke To Where She’s Selling Fit Tea Broke











I know there are women and a segment of men out there who are going to love hearing that ex-Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatherton, who dated Leonardo DiCaprio for nearly a year, is damn near stone broke and is filing for bankruptcy. Of course there are men and women out there who want to see women perceived to be hot struggling in life and Erin, if court documents are true, fits the bill.

How broke is Erin Heatherton (real name Erin Bubley)? She allegedly has $919 in checking and $215,601 in credit card debt. Add in that Erin turned 30 in March and you have the recipe for a huge problem financially. We all know that Victoria’s Secret isn’t trotting out many 30 year olds.

From The Blast:

In the documents, Heatherton claims an average monthly income of $1,089.91 ($221 coming from family/friends), monthly expenses of $1,074, $919 in checking accounts, and property including $750 in electronics, a $995 vintage Japanese jacket, $500 in other apparel, and a $945 Jennifer Meyer (Tobey Maguireā€™s ex) necklace.

Her debts include large amounts of credit card debt, specifically lines of credit opened a year before she started dating Leo.

Erin and Leo dated from December 2011 until October 2012. The docs note in 2010, the model took out three credit cards with City National Bank. She currently owes $11,514 on one card, $9,485 on another and $194,602.49 on a third for a total $215,601.49.

She also owes another $201k to City National for a line of credit, $100k from a legal battle with a former business partner, and $41k in back taxes to the state of New York.

Heatherton made $226,596 for 2017, $18k in 2018, and $2,820 so far in 2019. The model also lists a long list of clothes and shoes she hawked to third parties prior to filing for bankruptcy.

I’m perplexed by that $2,800 earned income in 2019 when Erin is sitting on 867k Instagram followers. There has to be a fit tea or some beauty product she could be pimping on there for $1,000. I don’t see an autographed poster sale going on. I don’t see Erin showing up a Vegas club to make $500 here and there. Something has clearly changed with Erin and she needs to get the fastball back after this whole Chapter 7 thing is finished. Time to cut up the cards, get those taxes paid and buckle down.

And let this be a lesson to all the moms out there who think their daughter(s) going to become a super wealthy model & rack up millions — Erin made only $226k in 2017! That’s not great, especially when an agent gets a cut.

Did I mention that Erin isn’t even using her Twitter account – @ErinHeatherton? C’mon Erin.


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