Paulina Gretzky Casually Checks In From Bahamas

Looks like Paulina Gretzky‘s Baker’s Bay vacation is over with and now it’s time to dump out any last content from a rest and relaxation trip to visit pig island and do what people do when they go to Baker’s Bay — create content for social feeds.

It’s times like these when I wonder if Paulina ever feels like life is a constant vacation. Like, is there ever a time when vacation actually feels like vacation to a normal person. You know how the last five days before you go to Florida feels like an eternity. I remember when I used to hop on flights to Vegas to blow through paychecks. The last three days at work were horrible. Zero concentration, just anticipation.

Something tells me it’s not like that when you’re a Gretzky & DJ is your baby daddy.

Then on the return flight home us normal people are completely miserable about going back to work & life. It’s a horrible feeling thinking about the struggles that go with it. I assume Paulina flies in a private jet, gets picked up at the bottom of the steps when the private jet touches down in Jupiter and the house is clean AF when she walks in.

I’m telling you, just one time I want that experience. I fully understand I’m never hitting the Powerball, but I’m not against saving up for that single life feeling of door-to-door service, private jet, Baker’s Bay pig beach and a Clean AF® house when I walk in. That actually sounds like heaven.

Paulina writes:

No one likes a shady beach

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