Meet Sofia Barragan — UCF Pre-Med Student

It’s been a wild week down in Orlando with the whole Easter Bunny street fight thing, so we might as well stay in the area and check in with UCF pre-med student Sofia Barragan, a Colombian-born Instagram hopeful who is sitting at 5,600 IG followers and just waiting to have a breakout summer like many UCF Internet sensations before her.

Think back to the wild early social days at UCF. Remember Blake Bortles girlfriend doing the Axis magazine shoot? That caused an absolute frenzy back in 2013 as students were going back to school. Here we are six years later and in a whole new world where Sofia can fire off IG Stories of her summer fun and hordes of guys will start following while women will start following to fuel their jealousy trait.

Sofia clearly gets it. She knows you guys want to see champagne guns. She might want to put those pre-med plans on hold because there’s plenty of fit tea to promote and hotel chains looking for influencers to spend a weekend at their resorts.

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Rachel Bush Is Forcing My Hand
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