Meet Taylor Bird – Australian Rugby Player

I’m not an expert on the seasons in Australia, but I assume summer is coming to a close and for those of you who’ve been checking in with BC over the winter here in the States, I made a big time effort to provide you guys with a glimpse at nice weather Down Under via the Instagram models who kept pumping out the content while we froze our asses off over here.

That has led to guys recommending Instagram models — some guys actually got mad that there was a Down Under series if you can believe that —  and leads us to Australian rugby player Taylor Bird from the Manly Mermaids, a 7s rugby team representing the Manly Marlins rugby team.

You know how many American IG models dabble in rugby that I know of? What’s less than zero? Are you kidding me, these American IG models don’t do shit other than record themselves at the gym and in their kitchens pouring a tall glass of Fit Tea or whatever they’re promoting this week. As for Taylor, she plays legit rugby — I confirmed it with deep research. I know nothing about rugby, but I can search through IG Story archives and there’s Taylor looking like Zeke carrying the ball.

Take some lessons here, American IG models. Do something with your life other than posting IG Story makeup lessons so these IG wannabes can look like a Kardashian. Go carry a football or whatever they call it in rugby.

via Taylor Bird/IG Story

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