Dan Bilzerian To PETA: ‘Suck My D*ck’











If I’ve learned one thing over the years from Dan Bilzerian, it’s that he treats animals with a great deal of respect. I’ve lost track of how many times he’s taken Instagram models to the Bahamas to feed those wild pigs on the white sandy beach that all the big time celebs travel to in order to fill up their IG accounts. I’ve learned that Dan is very nice to massive tortoises & lets his cat travel with him all over the world on the private jet.

Dan has done the whole snake-fighting thing. He’s had a pet monkey impress the ladies in his mansion. He’s been swimming with sharks. I think we can go ahead and say it — Dan Bilzerian loves animals more than those Nazis from PETA who use animals to create press releases. Now PETA’s coming after Dan over that bear he was feeding on 4-20.

From TMZ:

In the complaints, obtained by TMZ, PETA claims Dan and Martin did not have the required permit for this type of display, because city regulations expressly prohibit keeping bears in a place where they pose a risk to the public.

PETA also claims that because the bear was not contained in an escape-proof enclosure and because Martin did not maintain a safe distance between the bear and the party-goers, Martin should be stripped of his permits and fined.

This guy is out here being curious and nice to animals and these idiots have to go and treat the GOAT like this. Shame on them.

Dan responds to these idiots:

via Dan Bilzerian/IG Story

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