Sean McVay Had A Nice Pre-Draft Date With Veronika

Sean McVay and girlfriend Veronika Khomyn had themselves what appears to be a very nice pre-NFL Draft date night, one of those date nights where Veronika clearly knows she’s not going to be seeing McBae for several days as he heads into the Rams bunker to hunker down for a draft where teams will be fighting to get that No. 31 overall pick from the Super Bowl runner-ups. That means Veronika had no choice but do something like a romantic dinner with the 33-year-old heartthrob.

The Rams go into this draft with that No. 31 pick, (2) 3rd round, 4th, 5th, 6th & a 7th round pick. CBS says linebacker is the big need. Word on the street from Schefty (remember, teams leak this stuff on purpose) is that “teams” have called about that 31st pick. Drama City, but Sean didn’t seem fazed by any of it while taking out his Ukrainian Insty girlfriend.

Name another coach out there you know of who is letting his Ukrainian smoke fire up IG filters 24 hours before the Draft. YOU CAN’T. Belichick probably got 30 minutes of sleep after trying to figure out how to get 8-10 future 6th & 7th round picks.


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