20 NSFWBDs React To Dame Lillard’s Game-Winning Bomb From Deep

Dame Lillard caused shockwaves across the sports world early this morning Eastern Time when he hit what’s being estimated at a 37-foot or so three-pointer over Paul George to beat the Oklahoma City Thunder and end the first round series at 4-1. Of course it was one of those shots that’s going to send the NSFWBDs into a frenzy. They live for this shitt even if it’s just a couple hours before they have to be at work. They’re going to react and I’m going to wait a few hours after that to collect their thoughts.

Here’s the basic thought process out of the BDs right now: they’re officially on the Dame Lillard SoundCloud bandwagon and they have officially elevated Dame’s stature amongst the NBA studs. One shot and all of a sudden Dame is a trendy name to throw out there in random tweets.

Paul George can say it was a “bad shot” all he wants, the fact of the matter is that the miserable Thunder are headed home and the Trail Blazers dream of losing to the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals is alive and well. Now Portland sits back and awaits the winner of the Spurs-Nuggets series.

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