26 NSFWBDs React To Jon Snow Banging His Aunt

Well, I did it last night. I sorta watched my first full episode of Game of Thrones. Watched like 35 minutes of it and picked up on the story pretty fast. What we have here is a situation where this guy Jon Snow finds out he’s been banging his aunt & riding around on dragons with her. The Game of Thrones season 8 premiere was enough to send the NSFWBDs off a cliff with this whole Snow-aunt thing really heating up.

Look, I’m not going to act like some expert here after watching for 35 minutes, but I can clearly see — thanks to the BDs — that we have a full fledged scenario where this Jon Snow character has to make a decision on how to proceed after learning this crazy news that he’s been getting loose with his auntie. It’s going to present him with some challenges. Some serious mind fuccing going on right now for Jon.

I also learned last night that this show is right in the BD wheelhouse. Looks like I’ll be doing a BDs recap on a weekly basis.

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