Pittsburgh Comedian Trashes Cleveland, GoFundMe Off To Slow Start For Steelers Tickets


I know what you guys are thinking here: BC, why would you give this Steelers fan comedian looking for a handout a platform? And to that I would say that it’s my job to cause havoc around here and when Steelers fan goes to the gates of FirstEnergy Stadium and says he’s in the worst city in America and scream “I hate Cleveland,” I have to post that.

OK, so it just happens that Matt Light, a comedian is looking for Steelers fans – or people in general – to donate to his GoFundMe to see all 16 Steelers games. That’s actually a genius move these days. There’s some degen sitting in the lower level of his rental — old Pennsylvania homes are stacked like six stories high and three generations live in those things, trust me, I lived in that state long enough to know — who will throw Matt $5 because he doesn’t have anything better going on in life. That’s funny to me because if the government came asking Carl for $5 to fix the roads he would get on Facebook and say how he’s on a fixed income & the government is raping him.

Anyway, Matt has raised $25 in 22 hours towards his goal of $5,000. Here’s his sales pitch:

Hey guys my name is Matt Light, I am a stand up comedian from Pittsburgh and I want to go to every Steelers game this season. With your help I will be able to achieve this goal. I will be documenting every trip with photos and videos! If you donate, you can decide what you want me to do at tailgates, what to say to fans, what to wear to the games and if you have a special message you want me to put on a sign.

Sounds like you pretty much get to turn Matt into an employee, but he gets to go to Steelers games. This would probably be a smart purchase for a car dealership or roofing company. That said, not sure $5,000 is going to get him very far. There are roadies to Los Angeles, Arizona, New England and San Francisco that are going to chew up money with airline costs.

I think an even better sales pitch for Matt would be that earlier this year he passed the five year mark since going to war with cancer. Now THAT’S a sales pitch that gets all the women emotional and willing to throw $10 to a guy to get him to the games.


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