Hunter Renfrow Marries Camilla Martin…There Are Items Remaining On Their Wedding Registry

Together at last❤️

— Camilla Renfrow (@camillamrenfrow) April 15, 2019

Clemson wide receiver legend Hunter Refrow got married over the weekend and something shocked me about the whole thing — there are still items left on Hunter and Camilla Renfrow’s wedding registry. I’m very, very shocked that Clemson fans haven’t cleaned off that registry and I’m challenging them to buy everything left on there including clothes hangars and a $250 floor lamp. The least you can do is show Hunter and Camilla that they mean to the football program.

Fans outside the Clemson program probably have no idea Hunter Renfrow played in 53 games for the school, amassing 2,133 receiving yards and won two national titles at the school. He’s pretty much royalty at Clemson. That’s why it’s shocking there are silicone tongs and kitchen shears that haven’t been purchased.

Get in there people, buy those napkin rings and the white bath runner. You weren’t allowed to give Hunter money under the table while he was in school. This is your chance to say thanks. Let’s see you guys fill his porch by the time he gets back from his honeymoon in time for the NFL Draft.

Patriots? Lions because Matt Patricia is trying to copy Bill?

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How many people have two National Championship QBs come to their wedding? Congrats to Hunter and Camilla Renfrow‼️ #ClemsonFamily #413

— Coach Jeff Scott (@coach_jeffscott) April 13, 2019