Jeff Fisher Is Suddenly Twitter Savvy

I’m not sure what’s going on with Jeff Fisher, but all of a sudden the guy is a tweeting & GIF-posting machine and all it took was Jason La Canfora to say that Jeff was getting the Houston XFL job. Jeff went from not RTing anything other than a 2012 tweet to tweeting again and today he has entered the GIF-posting Hall of Fame. I didn’t count, but I’d say there were at least 25 GIFs posted by the 61 year old in relation to him correcting La Canfora.

All I can think of here is that Jeff is on an image rebuilding campaign crafted by an agency and they told him that they can have him on network TV by August if they follow an ARod-like social media blitz. I picture a 28-year-old strategist explaining to Jeff that a GIF to make fun of another 8-8 tweet is a very safe way of handling the haters.

It all makes me wonder if Jeff is even sending out the GIFs. It could be an agency 22-year-old trained like a Russian operative on how to make a 61-year-old coach seem cool. At this point I have no idea what’s real out there, but if Jeff says’s he’s not headed to Houston, then he’s not headed to Houston.

Is Jeff suddenly savvy enough to know how to perfectly intertwine GIFs like this? This is suspicious:

Look at how Jeff is using GIFs…very harmless fun that makes the attacker want to fall in love (in Twitter terms) with Jeff:

Look at how Jeff nearly finished off his NFL years with a perfect .500 record:

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