49ers Tight End George Kittle & Claire Till Got Married

49ers Pro Bowl tight end George Kittle and fiancee Claire Till, a former Iowa basketball player, quietly got married on April 10 or something like that, according to what I can gather from the Instagram Story Claire posted on Wednesday showing one of the smallest weddings you’re going to see out of the modern NFL. In what appears to be one of the most genius financial moves in NFL wedding history, it appears George and Claire had like 10 family members get together for the wedding and some drinks and maybe a little food.

Gotta say, the more I see out of these two, the more I know they’re headed for the big time. It helps when George is throwing up insane 88 catches, 1,377 yards and five touchdowns for a 4-12 team. But Claire could’ve stepped in here for the wedding and wanted to blow it out. George is headed for a huge payday and it would’ve been easy to go for the massive 400 person, invite randos from college & high school, bash but they kept it real simple and kept that money in their pocket.

It gets even better with these two. There’s a Target wedding registry for these two — not sure if it’s the real deal or not — that features just a waffle maker and a 2020 wedding date. I’m not sure if this is some joke or what’s going on, but it’s intriguing and I like that out of my tight ends. Gronk‘s retired so I need a replacement and I’m totally out on Travis Kelce’s act.

via IG Story/Claire Till

via IG Story/Claire Till

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