Basketball Ref Making $20 A Game Attacked By Coach At Kentucky Tournament, Coach Now Faces Felony

via WSIL

Imagine being so upset at a basketball ref at a youth tournament that you attack the ref and it’s so bad that the ref spends 9(!) days in a trauma center, needs rehab and it was all over a non-foul call. Allegedly. Imagine being Keyon Menifield, 40, and pretty much risking jail time over whether your guy was fouled or not. Now imagine poor Kenny Culp working a youth tournament for $20 per game and being abused to the point where you had a broken collar bone, a crack in his sinus cavity, concussion and bruising throughout his face.

And people wonder why it’s hard to find refs and umps these days. Here’s your evidence. Coaches think their kids are going pro. The parents think the kid’s going pro. The parents have paid big money to attend a tournament and think they deserve foul calls. Coaches need to win games to please the parents who will then keep funneling money into their shady youth teams.

Then a ref gets KO’d.

From WSIL:

“I’ve been involved with high school basketball since 1974 referring and I’ve never seen anything like this,” Dwaine Crick, Kentucky High School Athletic Association assigning secretary said. “I’ve seen coaches get mad, I’ve even seen two coaches get together, but I’ve never seen a coach go after a referee.”

McCracken County Sheriff’s Department said Culp was refereeing a basketball game at the Paducah Regional Sports Plex when a disagreement between Culp and Menifield became violent.

“He spent nine days in Vanderbilt University Medical Center on the trauma floor and now he’s going to have to go into rehab,” Crick said.

Crick said this was Culp’s third game of the day and made only $20 per game.

Here’s where it gets good:

Menifield has criminal convictions for assault and drug trafficking. The previous assault convictions were not on other sports officials.

But Keyon is “doing it for the youth!”

Hey, when your son is this good, it’s worth a felony, right?

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