Janet Gretzky Says Wayne Chewed Appetite Gum, Lost 35 Pounds


Janet Gretzky was definitely watching Tiger Woods chew that gum during the Masters and knew it was the perfect time to announce she’s down with the appetite suppression gum industry and let it slip that her husband Wayne Gretzky has chewed his way to losing 35 pounds since getting on the gum diet. Here I had no idea there was such a thing as overeating suppression gum. Not going to lie, I’m kinda interested for the holiday season, not the summer when it’s time to pound meats off the grill.

Why was Tiger chewing gum during The Masters?

“Well, I’m chomping on this gum because I usually get hungry, I keep eating so much,” Woods explained. “And it curbs my appetite a little bit, which is nice.”

Janet, it turns out, is the cofounder of OMGGUM and is featured throughout the company site and on its products. Tiger didn’t say if he’s chewing Janet’s gum, but don’t be shocked if Tiger chewing that gum and explaining why ends up in sales for Janet.

Janet wrote on IG over the weekend:

Congratulations to Tiger Woods !!!! Winning the Masters. It’s official if your going to chew gum to keep your appetite down why not OMGGUM !!! It’s has been a big part of my husband losing 35lbs !!! He chews everyday , CHEW GUM lose weight @omg.gum

The OMGGUM gets 3-stars over on Amazon where it’s currently unavailable.

I guess this is the weight loss Janet is talking about. It’s not like Wayne was storing a bunch of chicken chunks in that belly:



I do not endorse OMGGUM…Janet didn’t pay me a dime…I’m just interested in this whole Wayne chewing his way to losing 35 pounds storyline:


Looks like you still have to diet and exercise!

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