Kentucky Substitute Teacher Was Ripping Vodka Shots In Class, Gets Arrested

via Scott County Detention Center

Here we go again with another incredible Blood Alcohol Concentration level turned in by a woman who got lit to a level that will normally knock a person out, but Brook West had a substitute job to do and she was doing just that Monday before the school stepped in and made her take a Breathalyzer. Then Brook stepped up to blow a legendary .317, which is a level where most people lose consciousness.

From WKYT:

An arrest citation said Brook Ellen West, 32, was arrested Monday after she admitted to authorities she took four vodka shots around 11 a.m. A student at Royal Spring Middle School said West was yelling and cursing at students.

Deputies say West, who is a substitute teacher, smelled like alcohol and was unsteady on her feet. She had a .317 blood alcohol content when she took a breathalyzer test.

The students in the classroom were ages 11-13.

West is charged with alcohol intoxication in a public place and endangering the welfare of a minor. She was placed in the Scott County Detention Center.

You might remember about a month ago I blogged about a Maryland woman who was arrested and blew an astonishing .372, which bested the legendary Iowa fan Vodka Sam. Maryland Woman Savannah Asper told cops she had two shots.

As for Brook, as of 2018, she was a volunteer assistant for Georgetown College’s women’s lacrosse team. Time to get it together, drink during off-hours and clean it up a little bit.

Brook during happier times:


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