22 NSFWBDs React To Tiger Woods Winning The Masters

It was definitely one for the ages — the first Tiger Woods victory in the Twitter era — and that means I’m going straight to the source for the commentary you’re waiting for. I’m going to find out what the NSFWBDs think about Tiger winning the Masters for the first time since 2005. Now you have to remember that the black community isn’t down with Tiger for a variety of reasons that they state, including the fact that Tiger’s not down with his blackness.

That said, it was a mixed bag from the BDs. There’s the crowd that’s happy for him. There’s the crowd that DGAF about Tiger and then there’s the crowd that loves Tiger’s relationship with white women. It never fails that the best Tiger humor from the BDs revolves around him and women. Every. Single. Time.

It’s not a secret that white people have claimed Tiger as their own. That’s what makes it critical for me to dig in here and get the pulse from the guys on the other side of the aisle. Just doing my duty.

NSFWBDs React To Gronk Retiring
NSFWBDs React To Gronk Retiring
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