NSFWBDs React To Gronk Retiring

Did Rob Gronkowski announce his retirement Sunday because it lined up perfectly with Raw in Boston tonight where things will really start to ramp up for Wrestlemania 35 at MetLife Field on April 7? I’m not a betting man these days, but something seems really fishy here with the timing and leads me to believe Gronk just might come out of the dressing room or stands tonight during a match that will then lead to drama that builds over the next couple weeks to a showdown at Wrestlemania.

Figure on Gronk’s old friend Mojo Rawley somehow being involved here. This all just makes too much sense and I’m actually all for it. This is exactly the type of fuel the WWE needs and I only watch like once a year.

Anyway, Gronk’s finished* with the NFL and the NSFWBDs pretty much agree that he was clearly great and they’re going to hate to see their old partying friend leave the league. The good news is that it feels like we’re actually going to see more of Gronk now because there’s so many different avenues he can go here. Think of all the parties he’s going to be headlining. It’s going to be a wild ride and to think he doesn’t even turn 30 until May 14.


The timing here is perfect:

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