Woman Walks Into A House, Steals Picture Frame & Oklahoma Sooners Koozie

woman arrested for stealing ou koozie

via Wichita Falls Police Department

I’ve heard of some weird situations where people just walk into houses — like Chad Kelly going into a house dressed like Woody from Toy Story — but I’ve never heard of a situation where the person walks out with a picture frame and an Oklahoma Sooners koozie — and that’s it. But, it’s another day on the Internet and here we are with the story of Shamarie Stroud, who has an arrest record that’s fairly deep.

Of course at some point Shamarie would find herself (allegedly) ripping off an Oklahoma Sooners koozie. It was bound to happen.

From NewsChannel6:

Shamarie Stroud, 48, was found with several items that belonged in the house. Police were called to the 1600 block of Elizabeth Ave. shortly after noon on Monday.

The victims told police a woman, later identified as Stroud, opened the door and walked into their home. The victims said they did not know who the woman was and asked her to leave.

Police arrived quickly and found Stroud with a picture frame from the house in her hands. She told police she was allowed in the house, but the victims told police again that they didn’t know her.

Officers asked her to step outside of the home, and she asked an officer to grab her purse. Inside the purse, officers said they found an Oklahoma University koozie that also belonged to the victims.

I’m going out on a limb and guessing that Shamarie wasn’t thinking straight Monday afternoon. You can get on Fanatics and pick up a Sooners koozie for $5 plus shipping. That’s still too much. Just hang out at a bar and wait for some drunk to drop his.