Alexis Ren Gets In The Tub, Destiny Guns Breaks Out Of Jail & Clemson Doesn’t Have Room For 5-Stars

I can hear the music playing in my ears…the piano…it’s Masters Par 3 day at Augusta…TV coverage starts at 3 ET on ESPN…but as always I recommend you fire up the Masters app and watch all day. Did you know there’s Stanley Cup playoff action tonight? That’s right, things get rolling on the Comcast family of networks and that means you’ll get Blue Jackets at Lightning on USA Network. And baseball.

Alexis Ren gets in a tub, fires up her social feeds

Destiny Guns, 22, made a pretty impressive jailbreak

Bron & the Lakers party after Magic quits

OMG, Clemson doesn’t have room for 5-stars

Masters secrets revealed…they paint bare spots! 

This Florida Man was driving with his pants down, tells cops he was ‘working out’

Salt Lake City anchor woman popped for DUI twice in two days!

ECU Kylie seems ready for summer

This Man Is A Jerk Video of the Millennium

There are horrible people and then there's this ump

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