ECU Kylie Looks Ready For Summer

It was September the last time we checked in with ECU Kylie, who was poised to have a huge college football season and then she went out and had a nice run that could’ve been way better if ECU would’ve done better than 3-9. Kylie was a UCF season away from being a huge superstar, but here we are getting ready for summer and Kylie’s looking to be in summer shape after a spring break in Cozumel.

Sitting at 52.8k followers, I feel like Kylie should easily be over 100k and promoting fit tea, but she’s been very strategic with her IG, not over-posting like some of these IG models who have their accounts scheduled out for the next 45 days. The real action appears to be over on Kylie’s IG Story where the partying is archived in her highlights.

Time to get your IG follower list organized for summer. Get rid of the dead weight and add Kylie in there. Trust me on this one.

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