Sydney Esiason’s Bachelorette Party Was 25 Ladies Strong

It’s finally happening after all these years — Sydney Esiason and Matt Martin from the New York Islanders will finally get married at some point in 2019. The happy couple hasn’t listed a wedding registry so I don’t have an exact date, not that you or I care about that detail. I’d probably buy these two a gift since we go way back on here to like 2010 or so.

Anyway, on to the reason we’re here — Sydney’s bachelorette party went down over the weekend in Scottsdale where Syd’s wedding party welcomed a total of 25 ladies to celebrate the upcoming wedding.

Sydney wrote on IG:

Can’t even put into words what these 25 amazing women did for me this weekend. I had the time of my life and I’m so blessed to have such amazing friends. Also a special shoutout to my maid of honors, @cejohansen8 and @katieatravers, for throwing me the most top notch bachelorette of all time. Next stop, the altar! #SydsMattchelorette#YouCantSydWithUs #BachSydCrazy#SydChella

How did dad Boomer react the first time Sydney brought Martin home to meet the parents? This is great stuff from Boomer:

“I was really nervous to bring him to the house, that he played for the Islanders was a main concern of mine,” Sydney, 22, told The Post in 2015. “My mom welcomed him with open arms, of course. She’s the sweetest person ever. My dad walks into the kitchen with a Brad Richards Rangers jersey on acting like this is what he wears every day, like it was totally normal and just said, ‘Hey, Matt, how’s it going?’ and shook his hand. It was actually great because it broke the ice.”

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