You’ll Never Guess What This Florida Man Was Arrested For

via New Port Richey Police Department

I can’t help it when a mugshot is sent to me and the person arrested has a face full of tattoos — I have to see the timeline as the person filled his/her face with the tats. I find myself wondering how long it takes before that person decides to say ‘fucc it’ I’m going all the way with the face tats and I don’t care what anyone thinks.

Enter Florida Man Randy Petersilge. He was recently arrested for a 2001 murder and now we get the mugshot that sends me into a Facebook search frenzy to see if I can find progression pics. Randy has a Facebook page, but we get only two profile pics that show the tat next to Randy’s left eye, but that appears to be all of the ink he was sporting in 2013.

From WFLA:

A New Port Richey man is accused of first-degree murder in a 2001 murder case.

Randy Petersilge,51 had developed as a suspect in the murder of Simon Clarke who was found murdered on Nov.28, 2001 in New Port Richey. Clarke was found to be murdered as a result of blunt force trauma however no arrests were made following the initialĀ investigation.

In 2017, New Port Richey detectives reopened the case and on Jan. 11, 2018, a grand jury indicted Petersilge on one count of first-degree murder.

The big upset here is that Randy doesn’t have any other mugshot on the Internet since he was already in federal prison when the fuzz indicted him on the 2001 murder. I might have to do a deeper dive after the national championship game is finished.

Here’s Randy in 2013:

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