John Daly Autographs Woman’s Ass Because He’s A Good Guy

via brittanygon/IG

Annnnnnnnddddd…Masters Week can officially get started now that John Daly’s RV has parked at the Augusta, Georgia Hooters and he’s signed a woman’s ass to get the festivities rolling along Washington Rd. outside the Augusta National gates. Like the president throwing out a first pitch to get a baseball season underway, Big John knows that he has to make a dream come true before Masters fans will really start to let loose at the Augusta Hooters.

Now the t-shirt sales can start booming. Maybe you want an autographed 5X7 or a club grip or something else. I’m sure John will be able to pull out a box of goodies from under his bus. If I’ve learned anything over the last 10 or so years, John Daly’s goal this week is to make you feel like you had a good time in a parking lot.

It’s like Santa coming to town…the bus is back!

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Minor League Hockey Ref Gets KTFO
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