17 NSFWBDs React To Kofi Winning WWE Heavyweight Championship

It was the biggest news out of Wrestlemania 35 — Kofi Kingston (pretty sure I did an interview with that guy a couple years ago before Wrestlemania for M&Ms or something like that) won the WWE heavyweight title Sunday night at MetLife Stadium, sending the NSFWBDs that follow wrestling and its long struggle with race into a frenzy.

This morning I was expecting a bigger reaction from the BDs, but it almost seems like they’re still processing what this means to the community. One of the big things they want you all to know is that this is different than The Rock — half Samoan — being the champ. This is full blown black guy owning the belt. A huge deal.

The Big Js say this is the fourth time the WWE has had a black champion. I’m not an expert on all this history. All I know is that it was a big, big deal what happened last night. And then people had a hard time getting home.

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