I Need The Detroit Tigers To Verify This Is Opening Day Dirt They’re Selling For $20

via Bill Shea/Twitter

My old Detroit business writer friend Bill Shea is at the Detroit Tigers home opener today and he took a stroll through one of the ballpark shops where he came across Comerica Park Opening Day field dirt for sale at a $20 price point. That’s cute and all, and I assume they sell a ton of these because people have this feeling in their head that they need to leave with a souvenir and $20 isn’t bad for something so meaningful to them. It would look great on their work desk.

The need to leave with something was taught to me by a flea market old timer. They’ll walk out with something, you just have to make them feel like they need it.

Anyway, it’s my job to be suspicious towards these kind of money grabs from sports franchises so I’m now on a crusade for the Detroit Tigers to verify this opening day dirt like verifying autographs. When was this opening day dirt? You’re going to sell opening day dirt and not tell me when it was used? I see ‘MLB authenticated’ on the bottle but where are the details?

From the Detroit News in 2015:

The Tigers are so successful at selling these items that they can even sell dirt. That’s right, for $20, fans can buy an Opening Day-branded bottle of dirt from the field. More than 250 of the bottles will be available for purchase after the game, and Himelstein says he hopes it will become a tradition for fans who come to Opening Day each year.

Your move, Tigers. Don’t leave these fans trying to figure out the important details. I need to hear details on this verifying process. I’m skeptical right now.

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