Kimberley Garner Still On Top Of Her Game, Alabama Teacher Challenges The System & Spurrier Seems Mad

It’s going to be a normal NBA & NHL night on your TV. You’ll also get a rivalry Florida State-Florida softball game on ESPN2. It’s going to be a good night to put on a new toilet ring in the upstairs bathroom. Maybe I’ll throw the Blues-Blackhawks game on the phone while working on the toilet.

Kimberley Garner still on top of her game

Alabama teacher tries to argue she should be allowed to sleep with students

‘Cheaters’ is crowdfunding for its next season…you can buy some very nice things from them

Sad: Nats fan leaves behind this Bryce poster

TCU has interesting reason for canceling spring game

Steve Spurrier is mad at AAF brass, probably would rather be playing golf

Oklahoma TV weather guy charged with child molestation

Here’s Vivien from Bilzerian’s Ignite team

It’s A Wildfire NBD Kind Of Day At The Golf Course Video of the Month

Nachos of the Day

Zienna Sonne Williams Stops By, Le’Veon Bell Tries To Rap & WWE’s Wild Arrest Scene
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