Meet Vivien From Dan Bilzerian’s Ignite Girl Team

How do I know that Vivien Rubin, one of Dan Bilzerian’s Ignite Girls, is going to have a long modeling career with the CBD oil brand that Dan has been marketing hard for the last year or so? On one of her IGs from last week’s Bahamas trip, Vivien captioned it “It’s not just a brand, it’s a lifestyle.” Lifetime contract right there. She gets it.

Look, if you’re going to start a business today, you have to make it seem as if that brand is a lifestyle. Why do you think I go to Costco so much and drink Busch Light and wear the $15 Urban Star jeans that Costco sells — BC brand is built on being a normal human, not some coastal retard that a giant swath of the country can’t relate to. I drive an old Honda Civic, like cutting the grass in the summer & having a cold beer afterwards and enjoy shootin the shitt with neighbors about random topics not involving how much money I don’t have.

That said, I appreciate what Bilzerian and Vivien have done here. They’re giving miserable men out there the chance to fantasize a little bit during 15 minute smoke breaks at a job they hate. The world will always need that. It drives guys to not be degenerate losers and strive to be productive members of society. Of course men can take it too far and become insufferable assholes bragging about how much money they make. Moderation here, folks. Leave this to pros like Dan and Vivien.

As for Vivien’s bio: She’s Russian-American, grew up in a family of doctors and is into beauty, skin care and fashion.

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