Meet Kiki Passo From Dan Bilzerian’s Ignite Team

Think about how far we’ve come since the days in the late 1990s when Hugh Hefner was at the top of his game and then the period where he had four girlfriends or whatever it was. Around 2007 he was loaded with girlfriends and he was pushing 90. It was one of the biggest miracles in old guy money anyone had ever seen. And then Hef died, the world got a little less interesting and we went into a period where we didn’t have a Hef replacement.

Enter HGH’d mad man Dan Bilzerian and his empire that now includes CBD brand Ignite. Dan had the bright idea in 2018 to go out and hire a bunch of hot chicks to rep Ignite, but they had to be super hot & be super hot. It was brilliant branding during the Instagram era and has now led to Ignite Girls like Kiki Passo walking around with 690,000 followers just influencing lonely guys who think they’re going to be smoking CBD off her rack.

Honestly, Bilzerian should be the Time Man of the Year or whatever they call it these days. The guy has given us the Playmates of 2019 when Playboy has pretty much dissolved and ceded to the Ignite Girls. Dan doesn’t even need the girls to drop tops to make money. It’s wild times out there.

That brings me back to Ms. Passo, a 21-year-old Brazilian now hailing from Miami. She can sit back and wait for the product promotions to roll in and for Dan to call and say he’s firing up the jet to an exotic locale.

Kiki goes to The U.

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