Cubs Fans Build 44-Can Beer-amid During Blowout In Atlanta

via Twitter

Let’s just say a can of beer is $10 at SunTrust Park in suburban Atlanta. You’re looking at an estimated 44-can or so beer-a-mid built by Cubs fans Monday night during a blowout at the hands of the Braves and quick math puts that beer-a-mid at $440 or so. Normally you’d see a thing of beauty like this at a minor league hockey game but on dollar beer night.

The great news here is that the stuffy seat police didn’t come down and tell Cubs fans to knock it off. This is actually good news for baseball if teams will let beer-a-mids become a thing in 2019. Maybe have a part of the ballpark where fans understand they shouldn’t take their kids because beer-a-mids will be constructed.

Hey, these teams want to get bodies into the park. Gotta start thinking outside the box and if beer-a-mid construction does it, then go for it. It’s great content from a sport that usually can’t get out of its own way when it comes to letting great content develop via the fans. At least they weren’t fighting.

The 45th beer sent the beer-a-mid tumbling over. There’s always tomorrow. Let’s go out there and set goals. Let’s get one over 50.

Nobody does beer-a-mids at sporting events like Cincinnati Cyclones fans:

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