Reds Fan Sucks Jell-O Shot Off The Street At Opening Day

Our old friend Greg was at Great American Ballpark today for the official start of the baseball season and ended up sending me a couple of great items from the scene outside the Reds game where the home team put up four in the 7th to send people home happy for a change in Cincinnati.

For those who don’t know, Opening Day in Cincinnati is a holiday. Kids are out of school, there’s a massive parade that’s been going on for 100 years and the area outside the ballpark is a sea of red with drunken fans doing things like eating a Jell-O shot off the road.

It’s not to the level of Cavs fan eating horse crap off the street, but it’s still disgusting and makes me wonder what some of these millennials would do if the Reds were to ever again win the World Series. Thankfully I was alive — my dad took me to Game 1 and I actually remember it — for the 1990 World Series so I’m well aware of what it feels like to win the Series.

What a beautiful site…sure beats what it looked like when I was a kid and went to Riverfront & my dad would park up against abandoned buildings:

And Marty’s final Opening Day…this is a great way to end the day:

Best Of Toronto Blue Jays Fans
Best Of Toronto Blue Jays Fans
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