Bengals Fan Is Selling His Tailgating Trailer Ahead of 4-12 Season

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At this point you can’t really blame Bengals fans for dumping their tailgating RVs, old Brinks trucks and trailers because it’s clearly going to be ugly for the next decade as the Browns win like 5 of 10 Super Bowls and make it to the AFC title game in the other five seasons. This offseason has shown us that it’s going to be tough sledding for Bengals fans at the bottom of the AFC North so if you’re going to get out of the tailgating game you might want to do it as people are cashing IRS checks.

That said, are you looking to get into the Bengals tailgating scene? Maybe you’re just out of college, you’re cashing checks and don’t have a baby mama to support and want to blow money going to games and entertaining old college bros who are also cashing huge checks. You feel this need to prove you’re cashing bigger checks and getting into the tailgating scene will prove it.

This Bengals tailgating trailer could be yours for $3,000

From the seller:

Bengals deck on wheels. Used for tailgating. Comes with working grill, two decal tables, tile countertop, sound system and plenty of storage.

There are good and bad parts to this trailer. Let’s start with the bad: the price is a little high here IMO. Again, this is the Bengals we’re talking about. Maybe the seller is just leaving negotiation room which is smart business sense. You see if someone is desperate enough to get in the tailgating scene and overspends. Also, no toilet. I’m telling you guys, it’s incredibly important. Browns fans have taught me so much in that regard. A bathroom is gold.

As for the good: it doesn’t have a motor — you won’t be replacing a transmission either. Look at all that pressure treated lumber. It can pour on that trailer and you’re fine. Friends can puke on it and it goes straight to the car wash. There’s room to grow. I’d like to see some party lighting. Needs a keg tap coming out of that tile countertop. Also, you’re pulling it with a basic SUV.


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