Johnny Manziel Back On The Club Scene

via TMZ

Johnny Manziel just might BE BACK, folks. There was Separated or Possibly Divorced Johnny early this morning hitting up a Yelp 2-star L.A. club after 1 a.m. It’s unclear how Johnny was allowed to be in L.A. while his AAF team, Memphis, prepares for a game this weekend at San Antonio. Maybe Johnny is allowed to go back to L.A. whenever he feels like it. He left a game Saturday against Orlando with a head injury.

From TMZ:

Johnny Manziel‘s had a rough few weeks — he’s single and he’s injured — so the star QB hit up an L.A. hot spot for some dance club therapy.

TMZ Sports got video of Manziel, solo, walking into Nightingale Plaza — a West Hollywood club — a little after 1 AM early Monday morning.

This just might be the best thing to happen to the AAF. It would’ve been a smart move for the AAF to recommend Manziel go back to L.A. and hit up a club. This is excellent marketing for the league. One other thing I noticed here…Johnny’s living that toothpick life. It’s crazy how all of a sudden a huge segment of society is picking their teeth with toothpicks. Old school. I like it.

Here’s where Johnny suffered his head injury:

As for Johnny’s estranged wife, she’s been firing off Bali content:

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This moment reminded me of how beautiful life is, nature and everything it offers. I found that butterfly feeling I missed. Traveling has always been so important to me, I don’t just go to a resort and lay on the beach I always indulge in the culture. I do a ton of research on the religion, the landmarks, temples, the history of the country, the “must see”. Making sure I have the full experience. We take taxis and get lost. We stop for anything that catches our eye.. Trying the food of the land and leaving my diet behind. If someone asked me what has made you the most conscious, I would say every single time I stepped into another part of The world. You can’t help but take that home with you and make it apart of you. It changes you. I watched the people of Bali in the rice field walking barefoot carrying stuff on their head. I was completely captivated. There is no more sure way of growth then to experience the world. It’s humbling, eye opening and most of all feeds your soul.

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