Best Of Toronto Blue Jays Fans

via YouTube

I can’t remember what year it was when a Buffalo radio station had me on to talk about drunken Blue Jays fans, but it was at the height of Jays fans going absolutely nuts with drunken antics that usually includes fights in the stands, people puking on each other, doing ridiculous things while cameras are rolling and being some of the most interesting fans in baseball from a content perspective.

The good news this year is that the Blue Jays open at home — AGAINST THE TIGERS — and I have a feeling today is going to be yet another big content production for Jays fans. The Leafs are looking good. The Raptors are the Raptors. It’s time for Blue Jays fans to step up and stay weird. These are the cheapest sports tickets in town so that usually brings out the beer drinkers who get pummeled to the point to where they turn into content generators.

I was looking through the BC archives and it looks like I started focusing on Blue Jays fans in 2011-12. Here we are all these years later and the content just keeps rolling in.

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Busch Is Sponsoring Softball Teams This Summer
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