Busch Is Sponsoring Softball Teams This Summer

via Busch PR team

Imagine walking out on the field this summer with your softball team and you’re looking around at your teammates and Busch is across your chest. You’ve finally made it to the big leagues — your team is sponsored by Busch beer and you’re under contract. It could happen thanks to a sponsorship deal that Busch is giving out to 10 softball teams across the country.

This is the kind of marketing campaign that takes me back to the old days when my dad was playing every weekend from Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, etc. Beer trucks pumping out cold beer. Hot days, cold beers, shade trees after a 7-inning battle. Dad’s teammates were heroes. They all had nicknames, all seemed to be 40 — but they were like 28, all drove cool trucks or Camaros, dipped Skoal & always seemed to be covered in dirt. That’s just how it was when you were playing like 10 games on a Saturday at a round robin.

This is making me wish I still played softball. Oh well, one of you guys needs to jump on this deal. Here’s where you submit your team.

From Busch front office:

Busch is looking for a new team to sponsor – your softball team.

We’re awarding the next pro-level sponsorship deal not to a big-league player or team, but to 10 local, grassroots softball teams across America.

This is the real deal. These ‘Average Joe’s’ are getting the type of sponsorship Busch’s other partners enjoy, like NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick. The teams that get signed onto a Busch deal for the upcoming season will get:

  1. $5,000 signing bonus
  2. $10,000 Championship bonus (because we still reward greatness)
  3. Their own Busch Ad campaigns
  4. Prime real estate on the Busch website

And a few other trimmings of a pro deal. You get the idea.

That full supply of Busch throughout the summer sounds amazing. Now they need to do one of these deals for weekend warrior landscape guys. I’d sign up.

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