7 Years Ago A Turkey Vulture Tried To Kill Buck i Guy, Now Stephen A. Targeted By Turkey Vulture…What Does It Mean?

via Adam Schefter/ESPN

Nearly 7 years to the day that Buck i Guy was targeted in a brutal attack by a turkey vulture that left the superfan unconscious while driving home from an Ohio State-Gonzaga basketball game in Pittsburgh, we now get word that a turkey vulture tried to take out ESPN’s legendary sports opinionist Stephen A. Smith by attacking his office at ESPN headquarters.

Buck i Guy was attacked on March 17, 2012 while traveling on I-79 when the bird flew right into his windshield. Thankfully a friend was with i Guy and was able to get the car to a stop along the highway so medical crews could come get i Guy who was hospitalized after the incident.

Folks, these turkey vultures are no joke.

According to Prince William Conservation Alliance, it’s breeding season. Maybe this time of year just starts driving them crazy as they try to bust a nut. I’m not an expert here, just hypothesizing:

Breeding: The breeding season of the turkey vulture starts in March, peaks in April to May, and continues into June. The courtship rituals involve several individuals gathering in a circle, where they perform hopping movements around the perimeter of the circle with wings partially spread. In the air, one bird closely follows another while flapping and diving.

Cathartes aura don’t make nests. Eggs are generally laid on a bare surface in a protected location, such as a cliff, cave, rock crevice, burrow, inside a hollow tree, or in a thicket. Females generally lay two eggs, but sometimes one and rarely three. The eggs are whitish/cream colored and heavily marked with dark brown or lavender spots around their larger end.

Both parents incubate, and the young hatch after 30 to 40 days. Chicks are altricial, or helpless at birth. Both adults feed the chicks by regurgitating food for them, and care for them for 10 to 11 weeks.

When adults are threatened while nesting, they may flee, or they may regurgitate on the intruder or feign death. If the chicks are threatened in the nest, they defend themselves by hissing and regurgitating. The young fledge at about nine to ten weeks. Family groups remain together until fall.

The amazing news here is that at least one ESPN employee is reporting the vulture that attacked Stephen A. is alive and free.

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