17 NSFWBDs React To Tacko Fall Vs. Duke & Zion

If you combine a 7’6″ guy named Tacko, Jim Nantz, Duke, Coach K, Zion Williamson, the guy who brought Duke into prominence in the 1980s and throw them into a game that’s on just before 60 Minutes, you’re going to get a game that has the attention of the NSFWBDs who can’t get enough of the big man vs. the privileged private school.

There’s the obvious fascination with a guy who doesn’t have to jump to block shots or dunk and then you get the fascination with Zion possibly dunking on the 7-foot-6 giant in the middle who has some coordination troubles, which makes sense since the guy doesn’t need a ladder to cut down nets.

Gotta say here I’m surprised by the number of BDs who aren’t Tacko fans. I thought the novelty of the big man would have them rooting for the big guy. That’s not the case. There’s some legit Tacko hate out there.

Tacko shuts down Zion in the paint and dunks on the other end. Oh my. 😳#MarchMadness pic.twitter.com/Fw6nY0Aquk

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) March 24, 2019