Julia Conley Gets Sweet 16 Rolling, Insane Hornets Buzzer Beater & Dickie V. Seems Mad

You ready for women’s basketball tournament and exhibition baseball action? That’s right, we’re to that part of the year when you better have some outdoor hobbies because Monday thru Wednesday will be hobby time. I’ll be heading down into the basement to finalize the floor tile project before moving on to the wall tile project. That’s right, I’m getting closer on that hobby. Need to get furniture in this summer in time for football season.

β€’ Julia Conley gets Sweet 16 week rolling

β€’ Lot of mob chatter still going on about suspicious Gambino murder…somethin’ is fishy here

β€’ Johnny Dawkins gave this speech in the locker room

β€’ Sounds like Dickie V. went nuts on LSU radio

β€’ Now THATS a buzzer beater

β€’ Jeremy Maclin retires during wife’s baby shower

β€’ News reporter spit shines his hair on MSNBC

β€’ Here’s Isabelle from Fairfield U.

Me This Outdoor SZN Golf Range Video of the Day

Chili Cheese Fries of the Day

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