Kara Del Toro Looks Ready For Put In Bay, Ja Morant’s Girlfriend & Aaron Henry Says All Good

You’re already watching March Madness as I type this. You’re locked in for a long night of action that’s going to end at like 1 a.m. And then you’re going to get up Saturday, maybe get a sweat in, hit up the grocery store for supplies and then go back for more Madness action. You’re still locked into your house because the weather refuses to break and the multiple TV setup is working perfectly. Don’t be afraid to get out to a bar this weekend. Meet some other humans.

Kara Del Toro looks like she needs a Put In Bay weekend

This Texas teacher was (allegedly) texting nudes

Ja Morant’s girlfriend! 

Aaron Henry certifies he doesn’t have a problem with Izzo’s ass chewing

Buy Kris Humphries lake house up in Minnesota

Texas Man takes his massive steer to Petco

Florida Man finds this iguana in his toilet 

Kelly Gale destroys Bali

Kurt Angle Getting Beat Up Video of the Week

Nachos of the Day

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