Buy A Bama Themed Tub

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Are you in the market for an old school cast iron tub with an Alabama ‘Washed in The Tide’ and ‘Clean Hide, Roll Tide’ that could be used as their own Iron Bowl? It’s your lucky day because there’s a consignment shop in Homewood, Alabama selling this beautiful piece for $700.

Name one of your friends that has a piece like this. YOU CAN’T. Be the first one on your block to clean your hide in a Roll Tide bathtub.

From the seller:

Vintage custom re-finished pedestal cast iron bathtub manufactured in 1929. Includes a custom aluminum dolly with locking wheels for transport. This unique vintage bathtub has “Washed in the Tide” scripted on one side and “Clean Hide, Roll Tide” on the other. Proceeds will support a 501(c)(3) community service arts educational organization. Bathtub may be viewed at d’Trespa Consignment & Vintage Boutique, 1722 28th Avenue South Homewood, AL 35209, Tuesday-Saturday 10 am – 6 pm.

This vintage bathtub could be used as:
*A great tailgating item
*Unique piece for the ultimate man-cave or she-shed
*A beverage cooler
*A trophy
*Your own Iron Bowl
*A bathtub for bathing

Way back in 2014 I did a post where a woman was selling a massive Alabama elephant for $3,500. Wish I still had those photos because it was a beautiful Alabama piece that was 8-foot tall! These type of pieces don’t come up very often. That’s why I recommend Bama fans jump all over these uniques pieces because you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood, especially when people hear you have a one-of-a-kind bathtub.

via Craigslist via Craigslist via Craigslist
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